PhotoYoga  | November 5,  2018

Overcoming Stress and Leading a Well-Balanced Life

I'd like to introduce you to a symbol that changed my life and forms the basis of my life's philosophy. The symbol is that of a cairn. The cairn is a concrete image – a touchstone – that I can hold in my mind as a point of meditation or as a simple reminder of how I want to live my life. The cairn has become a personal symbol in my quest to live a well-balanced life. ..... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | November 9,  2018

Weekly Challenge: Photograph Down a Random Road

I just returned from a week of photographing wild* horses in Missouri Ozarks - yes, there are! - so as I was standing in a field for four hours yesterday I decided that this week the theme is to: Photograph Four-legged Friends


It doesn't matter if you're photographing domestically or in the wild....  Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | October 17,  2018

Feature Video: Yoga On the Architecture of Peace

The video Yoga: On the Architecture of Peace is a documentary that follows Michael O'Neill's quest to photograph yogis from around the world. The video is a complement to the book of the same name. The video contains a beautiful collection of images and videos of the people and places of yoga..... Read More >>>​ 

PhotoYoga  | October 4,  2018

Feature Book: Imaginarium

Claire Rosen is a fine art, conceptual photographer. Her interview with PhotoYoga so inspired me that I picked up her book Imaginarium to read. The book is for artists of all flavors, not just photographers. Claire's art medium of choice is photography, but the ideas and exercises in this book cross easily other arts...... Read More >>>​ 

PhotoYoga  | October 15,  2018

Curiosity and Zen Photography

Zen photographers approach life each day with a sense of youthful curiosity, being wide-open to the wonders of the world whether they be formed as a grand landscape or found in the simplest blade of grass. Zen photographers explore the world without preconceived expectations and accept the world as it is rather than how they think it should be..... Read More >>>