Feature Book:​ Keep the Focus: A Meditation Guide for Street Photographers

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

by Thomas Ludwig

This week, we're going to feature the free e-book Keep the Focus: A Meditation Guide for Street Photographers by Thomas Ludwig because it’s so on-point for PhotoYoga. Each week, we'll feature a number of free e-books on PhotoYoga for you to explore. So many photographers give generously of their expertise and there’s so much available!

Keep the Focus is a 49-page e-book describes how three meditation techniques can be used by street photographers. What the techniques have in common is that they can help photographers focus and concentrate through distractions and even amidst a chaotic situation. Beautiful full-page street photographs accompany the text.

After an introduction to meditation, Thomas describes the three meditation techniques: concentrating on breathing, being aware of your body and senses, and getting in the zone. He follows that with short interviews with street photographers about how they achieve concentration and what it feels like to do street photography.

While focused of street photography the principles in this e-book apply to other types of photography.

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If you’d like to try meditation, there are any number of online resources. Try this short 10-minute guided meditation video for a start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TvIdqigPk4

Readers of PhotoYoga, please share meditation resources in the comments section!

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