Connections: Looking for Happiness in Your Life? Look Through a New Lens

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

by Carmen Buck

In this article, Carmen Buck makes the connection between happiness and photography. She talks about how her pre-teen son connected with photography and how the experience of taking photographs, more than the photographs themselves, can create a happier life.

She notes that happiness is a choice and it has to be pursued – it doesn’t just drop in our laps. One reason photography can help us find happiness is that the experience of photographing forces us to see the world in a positive way. Carmen notes:

Looking for something that elicits gratitude helps us to feel happiness because it trains the brain to scan in a positive way versus something to stress out about. One to two minutes a day in gratitude is enough to change our neural pathways. Twenty one days of practice lends to a new habit or pattern.

She then lists a few simple rules to help photograph in a way that brings happiness. These include being grateful, using whatever camera comes to hand – including a cell phone camera, choosing a place and then really looking and taking photos from different angles.

Carmen encourages us to go out for just 2 minutes (or 2 hours) for 21 days to make a habit of how we see the world.

She notes that happiness is contagious – but so is unhappiness – so why not choose happiness?

This was a guest post on Elizabeth Scala’s blog connecting nursing and photography.

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Article Written by Jennifer Mishra

Jennifer Mishra is an American travel photographer born in Colorado and based in the St. Louis metro area. -- And she's a member of the St. Louis Women in Focus group. She has a background in classical music and academia. She is the founder of PhotoYoga. Her photos are published at Wits End Photography or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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