Feature Podcast: Craft & Vision

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

by David duChemin

David deChemin's YouTube channel is full of short 5-15 minute videos. David records these videos in his studio and unlike his books, very rarely contain photos - but that's not what this video podcast is about.

This is the place that you go if you want some tough love. David tells it like it is on everything from being a professional photographer to getting shit done. There are videos on post processing techniques and gear, but most videos are about motivation and a way of thinking about photography. His goal is to improve your photography - even if it means telling you a few home truths.

This podcast doesn't seem to be available on iTunes, but follow him on Facebook or YouTube and you'll get announcements. David also writes a complementary blog on his website Vision is Better https://davidduchemin.com/

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