Feature Article: Selfies to Self-Reflection

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Selfies to Self-Reflection: How you can use your Camera to get Closer to Zen 

by Lakshmi Gandhi

In this article Lakshmi Gandhi introduces photographer David Ulrich’s idea of zen photography. He recommends the TMP Method (“Take More Pictures”). In essence, really looking at the world and studying it, being open to what the world is showing you through the lens.

David notes: "One of the things I find is that many professional photographers have a Zen attitude… They explore and stay open and attentive. They don’t know what they will find. They strive to move beyond their preconceptions and approach the world as a question and thus keep its mystery intact….But an amateur photographer takes two or three and then walks away, instead of working with attention and staying in touch with the process of discovery." The article includes samples of Ulrich’s photos that show the mindfulness he brings to his art.

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