Feature Podcast: Hit the Streets

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

by Valerie Jardin

I'm a long-time listener of street photographer Valerie Jardin's podcast Hit the Streets as well as her previous podcast Street Focus, which was part of the TWIP network. Valerie is an amazing street photographer and her podcast gives insight into her craft and many aspects of the business side of photography. Podcasts often take the form of an interview or a conversation with another street photographer. There are nearly 100 episodes of Hit the Streets and 100 episodes of Street Focus.

The latest episodes are conversations with the author of Best Business Practices for Photographers John Harrington.

Valerie has recently teamed up with Joshua Coombes, a hairdresser from the U.K. who travels to urban areas providing homeless with confidence boosting haircuts and a whole lot more. Valerie has recently joined him and added giving out photographs. Find out more about the Do Something for Nothing Project #DoSomethingForNothing They have teamed up to offer an e-book of Valerie's photographs.

Listen to the Hit the Streets >>>


Listen to TWIP Street Focus >>>

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