Tell us your Story: Jennifer's Story

We're just starting this series, so I'll start with my own story of how photography inspired my life - and give you a bit of insight into how PhotoYoga began.

I’ve struggled with depression for my entire adult life so I have some pretty well developed coping strategies – but I really needed another during this difficult time. I felt myself moving dangerously close to the edge of the cliff and the cliff was crumbling.

A friend was doing a 365 Project (one photo a day for a year) and I thought I’d give it a try at least for the summer. I started my 365 Project on July 1, 2015 – with a horrible photo, which I won’t show here, but we all have to start somewhere! In hindsight, this was a critical decision. Over the next 18 months or so, I took a photo every day (Total: 709) and Wits End Photography and eventually PhotoYoga were born.

-- Jennifer, St. Louis

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