Weekly Challenge: Shades of Gray

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This week, the theme is to:

Photograph Shades of Gray

This week is a perfect week to focus on perfecting your black and white - and all the shades of gray in between - photography.

Winter fog in shades of gray

But this is also a week to get creative with the challenge and push beyond the obvious.

Gray may not have the vibrance of red or the subtleness of blue, but gray is Look for all those ways that gray is a color - not just an absence of color. Look for signs, rocks and stones (yes, also headstones), cement, and all those shades of neutral gray paint that we normally pass right by. This is a good week to notice detail.

But pay attention our eyes tend to roll right off of this neutral color.

Building Deconstructed. Architectural detail stacked for storage.

And don't forget the clouds - and we're not just talking about foggy and rainy days, though these can be gray. Clouds are sometimes white and fluffy, but are often painted in shades of gray.

Sailing On. Some of my favorite photos are seascapes including boats. This photograph was taken on a lovely (for Scotland) summer's day on Loch Lomond. I loved the white sails against the billowing clouds. 

Many animals have gray in their fur or hair that shade naturally. Beautiful This applies to human animals as well! Celebrate the little gray hairs - they are a sign of wisdom.

Part of a photo essay showing artists at work. In this photo, Dave Walter  (“Psychedelic Dave”) interweaves lines and dots on a piece on slate in his signature style.

Where gray becomes white, blue, or silver is up to you. It's all about shades of gray.

Take a moment to look around this week. You might find that this colorful world of ours if painted in more shades of gray than you thought. 

Share your posts in the Comments below and share with the tag #photoyogashadesofgray for a chance to have your photo featured on PhotoYoga

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Photos for the weekly photo challenges are provided by Jenn Mishra at Wits End Photography. Follow Jenn on Facebook or Instagram.

Contact PhotoYoga if you would like to sponsor a weekly challenge.

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