Weekly Challenge: Windows within Windows

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This week, the theme is to:

Photograph Windows within Windows

It's time for me to come clean about a photography obsession I have - windows. All sorts of windows, small, round, broken, weathered, shuttered - if I see an interesting window, I'll probably take a photo of it. Windows are the eyes of architecture.

But the challenge this week isn't just to photograph windows - that would be way too easy (and I'd then have to choose from the approximately 1 million photos I have of windows to put into this post - way too much pressure!)

This week, the challenge is to photograph windows within windows.

From the building next door to the dance studio in Havana, Cuba we can see the dancers warming up - at least we can see their reflections.

Before your head explodes, think of layers and frames and the broadest definition of "windows" you can think of. Remember all the places we find windows. Buildings, sure, but also in cars and trains - anything you can look through, really.

Windows are everywhere and we sometimes forget about them - even while we're looking through one.

Sometimes architecture just gives you nice layering, though sometimes looking out a window, we don't always notice the second window. I have a specific obsession with round windows so I was thrilled to find this window the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence - framing another window across the courtyard.

Round window in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy

In this challenge, reflections can be your friend. Look for windows reflected in other windows like this window that screams Santa Fe or a more abstract version of some Glasgow architecture.

Santa Fe Window in a Santa Fe Window

Glasgow train station windows reflected in other windows

Broadening the definition of "windows" to include eyeglasses - which I consider creative rather than cheating - this Cuban fellow is looking at me through two windows.

Stretching "window" to include eyeglasses, this Cuban fellow looks out two sets of windows.

The broadest definition of a window - an opening - can provide a frame for another window.

Window within window within window at Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo in San Antonio, Texas

Be creative this week and approach the world with open eyes. This is the opportunity to look at the windows you pass by every day and look beyond the surface.

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Jennifer Mishra is an American travel photographer born in Colorado and based in the St. Louis metro area. She has a background in classical music and academia. She is the founder of PhotoYoga. Her photos are published at Wits End Photography or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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