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PhotoYoga  | September 21 , 2018

Feature Website: LIFE photos

This week, we're featuring a website Life: Incredible stories and treasured photographs from the LIFE archive. For those of you who are into historical photography especially photojournalism, this is the place for you. The website is a collection of articles and galleries focused on the photographic archives.....  Read More >>>

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PhotoYoga  | September 19, 2018

Feature YouTube Channel: Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton is a landscape photographer based in England, though he travels all over the world. His YouTube channel takes us on a little photo adventure in most every episode. Thomas takes us to all those natural wonders that we’ve been aching to explore – plus many we never knew existed.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | September 12, 2018

Feature Video:​ Learn the Language of Photography Through Critique

by Eileen Rafferty

In this talk given by photo educator Eileen Rafferty for B&H Photo in New York, Eileen discusses how we can learn to talk about our images in a deeper way through critique. This video was made to help judges critique images, but in learning to talk about and describe photos, brings a deeper understanding..... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | September 12, 2018

Feature Book:​ Zen of Post Production

by Mark Fitzgerald

I admit that I chose to review this book largely because I was curious about the "zen" in the title. The second title to this book is largely the more accurate "Stress-Free Photography Workflow and Editing". Zen of Postproduction is a "how to" book, a technical manual for the Adobe programs Lightroom and Photoshop.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | September 6, 2018

Connections: Looking for Happiness in Your Life? Look Through a New Lens

by Carmen Buck

In this article, Carmen Buck makes the connection between happiness and photography. She talks about how her pre-teen son connected with photography and how the experience of taking photographs, more than the photographs themselves, can create a happier life. .... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | September 5, 2018

Featured Podcast: Everyone Else

Everyone Else is a photographic podcast from Eva Krysiak, an audio producer from London. This podcast is a bit different from other photographic podcasts. Each episode is the story of a stranger told in first person. There is no introduction to the story and as the person talks, listeners get a brief glimpse .... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 30, 2018

Feature Article: What is Zen & The Art of Photography

by Doug Beasley

In this deceptively short article, Doug Beasley covers a lot of ground connecting the philosophy of Zen to the art of photography. He notes that Zen is a term used freely and often used synonymously with “peaceful” or “serene,” but that Zen is more about experiencing fully the present moment. He then goes on to show how this relates to photography.....  Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 29, 2018

Feature Book:​ On Yoga

by Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill’s book On Yoga, The Architecture of Peace is a beautifully printed coffee-table book. The book is a photographic homage to the great teachers of yoga, seeking to pay tribute both to yoga and the great teachers of the art. The images are a mix of beautiful portraits and yogis photographed in meditation and in advanced yoga poses. Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 23, 2018

Feature Video:​ Contemplative Photography - Miksang

Michael Wood talks about finding contemplation in his photography. He talks about the discovering meditation and how this changed the way he saw the world and ultimately how he photographed the world. ..... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | August 23, 2018

Feature Article: The Art of Mindful Photograpy

by Jared Gottlieb

Jared Gottlieb delves into the connections between photography and meditation. The article seeks to answer a question “Does photography support awareness of my immediate experience, or detract from it?” To address his question, he talked with renowned meditation instructor – and former photo journalist – Jonathan Foust....  Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 22, 2018

Featured Podcast: ​Lenswork by Brooks Jensen

Lenswork by Brooks Jensen is a series of short (around 5to 10 minutes) podcasts with a philosophical bent. As such, these podcasts don't really date. Brooks Jensen, editor of Lenswork magazine covers topics from his personal journey as a photographer. He covers philosophical topics.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 22, 2018

Feature Book:​ Zen and the Magic of Photography: Learning to See and Be through Photography

by Wayne Rowe

This book is a study in photographic Zen. Lovers of poetry, especially Haiku, and old movies will love this book. The major theme is finding the moment of Satori – the moment of truth or enlightenment in your photographs. Waiting to take a photograph when the elements align to tell a story. Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 16, 2018

Connections: Why Your Brain Has No Idea What Actually Makes You Happy

by Karen Banes

Author Karen Banes talks about things our brains do to fool us and really get in the way of us being happy. It seems counter intuitive that our brains can be actively fighting against our happiness, but at least in the examples Karen gives, this seems to be the case.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 16, 2018

Feature Video:​ The Zen of Photography

“The Zen of Photography” is a beautifully created video with meditative music and photographs by street photographers Rinzi Ruiz and Jonathan Alcorn. After a brief introduction to their lives as freelance photographers, the pair describe the zen their zen approach to their craft. There is a calm and order within their photography..... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | August 15, 2018

Featured Podcast: ​Mind your Own Business

by Skip Cohen & Chamira Young

While the Mind Your Own Business podcast might not on the surface seem like a good fit for amateur photographers, many episodes go well beyond the business of photography. The show interviews professional photographers and business owners. The topics they bring to the table are varied and interesting. A recent episode with boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum discusses issues of using the camera to overcome life’s challenges... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 15, 2018

Feature Article: Daily Photography Improves Wellbeing

by Liz Brewster and Andrew Cox

This small research study, conducted by researchers at Lancaster University in England found that taking a photo a day and posting it on a sharing site improved well being. This process is known in the photographic world as a 365 Project (one photo a day for a year). Researchers found that taking photos allowed these people to interact with their world, to find meaning...  Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 14, 2018

Feature Book:​ Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment

Women of Vision is a beautifully printed coffee table book accompanying a curated exhibition. It features the work of eleven National Geographic photographers who also happen to be women. Each woman is introduced with a beautiful portrait and a short biography and an inspirational quote .... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 9, 2018

Connections: All about Flow & Positive Psychology

by Mike Oppland

Author Mike Oppland provides an overview to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of Flow. Flow is a state of creativity. It is the experience of being happy. The term “flow” came about because so many of those interviewed referred to a flow state or being “in the zone”. Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 9, 2018

Feature Book: Keep the Focus: A Meditation Guide for Street Photographers

by Thomas Ludwig

The free e-book Keep the Focus: A Meditation Guide for Street Photographers by Thomas Ludwig is so on-point for PhotoYoga. The book describes how three meditation techniques can be used by street photographers.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 9, 2018

Featured Podcast: ​Craft & Vision

by David duChemin

This is the place that you go if you want some tough love. David duChemin tells it like it is on everything from being a professional photographer to getting stuff done. There are videos on post-processing techniques and gear, but most videos are about motivation and a way of thinking about photography. His goal is to improve your photography - even if it means telling you a few home truths. .... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | August 6, 2018

Featured Article: ​The Ways of Zen Photography

by A. B. Watson

In this article, A. B. Watson describes how Zen philosophies influence his photographic process. He reminds us that “Zen can be a state of mind. Stillness, simplicity, looking inwards, beginners mind and finding the beauty in all things” and goes on to discuss how this state of mind can be applied to photography.... Read More >>>

Check Out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes

Check Out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes

PhotoYoga  | July 23, 2018

Featured Podcast: ​Hit the Streets

by Valerie Jardin

I'm a long-time listener of street photographer Valerie Jardin's podcast Hit the Streets as well as her previous podcast Street Focus, which was part of the TWIP network. Valerie is an amazing street photographer and her podcast gives insight into her craft.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | July 23, 2018

Feature Book: Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (2nd Ed) 

by David duChemin 

David duChemin embodies a holistic approach to photography. He seamlessly melds photography as a way of exploring and connecting with the world with practical technical information to create better photos. He provides tips for approaching people ... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | July 23, 2018

Featured Article: ​Selfies to Self-Reflection: How you can use your Camera to get Closer to Zen 

by Lakshmi Gandhi

In this article Lakshmi Gandhi introduces photographer David Ulrich’s idea of zen photography. She recommends really looking at the world and studying it, being open to what the world is showing you through... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | July 23, 2018

Connections: ​The Simple Art of Not Being Miserable 

by Zat Rana

Using the book by Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha, Zat Rana discusses how to find happiness - by stopping. Our unhappiness comes from seeking, always looking, but never finding. We become fixated on our desires. Instead, the lesson from Hesse's book is to stop looking.... Read More >>>

PhotoYoga  | July 23, 2018

Feature Video:​ Alison Wright Portraits of the Human Spirit - Nat Geo Live

I'm a great fan of photo journalist Alison Wright. There are many interviews and videos of her speaking and of her photos documenting the Tibet people. She is a motivational speaker and hearing her speak of her travels is inspiring.... Read More >>>​

PhotoYoga  | September 5, 2018

What Would Photography Look Like if it were Actually Inclusive?

by April Zhu

April Zhu's article brings up many good ethical points for photographers – mostly photojournalists. This article starts with looking at democratization of photography. No longer are the newspapers and mainstream media the only source in photojournalism. Every photographer can create stories.....  Read More >>>

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